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As we often extol the virtues, the reality of applications is that we are only limited by our imagination.

We have been working more and more in the discipline of remote monitoring and wireless sensors: and are doing so with greater regularity under our own Omnia brand. Omnia (NW) is a trading name of Future Technologies (NW) Limited.

The logic is respected and offers a user-friendly interface and reliable data analysis in a variety of commercial uses.
Backed by principals, with over 35 years electrical contracting experience, the Omnia way is destined to be utilised more in everyday uses.

Want to know more? Take a look at this brief animation to learn about the possibilities from working with Omnia.


Omnia wireless activity sensors can be used in a host of applications where detecting ‘measurements’ or motion is required.

Available as both commercial grade or industrial grade specifications. Our Team will be delighted to advise on selection, configuration and suitability for any designated application. We have detailed data sheets that can be shared to further understanding of capabilities.

Omnia commercial grade sensors are designed for applications in ordinary environments (normal room temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure).

Omnia industrial sensors are enclosed in reliable, weatherproof NEMA rated enclosures. Our NEMA rated enclosures are constructed for both indoor or outdoor use and protect the sensor circuitry against the ingress of solid foreign objects like dust as well as the damaging effects of water (rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, and hose directed water).

Some of our popular sensors are illustrated below, although we are involved in bespoke solutions also.




Water Detect

Water Rope


Open / Closed

Motion Detection

Carbon Monoxide

Dry Contact


Voltage Meter

Our TEam

Dave Moran

Managing Director

Dave has nearly 40 years’ experience, specialising in design, implementation and management of commercial and industrial installations. He has also been involved in multiple projects installing process automation controls for large overhead conveyor systems, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency for manufacturers.

Liam Moran

Contracting & Operations

Liam has 12 years’ experience in commercial and industrial installations, and temporary generators.
His projects include a full fit out of a complete 150,000sq/ft warehouse, including LED installation, resulting in significant savings for the client.
As Operations Director his roles include, site supervision, day-to-day site management, and quality and performance control.

Danny Moran

Client Services

Control and administration of all maintenance and serving contracts. Key personnel in portal monitoring and software technology including any calibration duties and reporting mechanisms for clientele.

Alex Masidlover

Technical & Development

Alex is the lead developer working with other contracted parties. He started as Consultant to Omnia-NW and was later retained to the in-house Team. He originally trained in electrical and electronic engineering, specialising in wireless communications. During his first degree, Alex worked for the UK Ministry of Defence. On graduation he worked for a subsidiary of Philips which was designing 20-40GHz Transceivers. Later, he then began a PhD on simulating active semiconductor devices in RF operation.

Julie Moran

Customer Services

A ‘rose between a bunch of thorns’. Julie manages administration and compliance of all contracts. This including: handling queries on Accounts and ensuring total client satisfaction with Omnia.

Case Studies

From time to time we like to share some summaries of applications where Omnia-NW has been utilised to great effect to provide solutions in a variety of commercial environments.


Just a few examples of questions that we at Omnia (NW) face or specification details to offer substance to conversations. These are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


1. Whilst other products that are seen in this IOT marketplace are manufactured overseas. It is a conscious decision and one made with pride that our technology and platforms and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

2. We are proud of our digital IOT solutions and offer, to our knowledge, an unrivalled service. We are unaware of any similar technology solutions that afford platforms and technology across any sensor. If the preferred sensors are not already within our portfolio, an informal no obligation conversation with one of our Team, can allow us to advise on the necessary protocol to add to our family of own-products. Robust, reliable and cost effective standpoint have been the pillars of our developmental focus, which literally has the Clients central as our philosophy.


3. Be careful what you delete, it will almost always delete everything attached to it. For example, if you delete a company, that will delete all networks, gateways, sensors and users attached to the Company.

4. Be careful setting up SMS based notifications; some options could cause it to send out a lot of SMSs in quick succession. SMSs are more expensive than emails.

User Types

5. Super Admin – Typically Omnia Employee, has portal wide privileges

Admin User – Typically the few admin level users at a customer. They can add users and notifications to their company.

General User – Has the least privileges, view only on most pages, can acknowledge notifications that they are included on.

Admin and General are always restricted to one company. They can be further restricted to one network. These restricted define what you can do and see. For example, you can only see notifications on the Company and Networks your user is set up to see.

Sensor Role – These are automatically generated when you set up a company and only visible to Super Admin. This role is specifically for gateways to use to send data. Do not delete them.

Portal Administration

6. The majority of the portal administration is by Super Admin only. In the navigation bar the section of options under Administration is only visible by Super Admin. Each of these allows you to view and also add new.

You should add them top down, so company first, then network(s), then gateway(s), then sensor(s).

Users can be added to a company when the company and one network exists.

7. Users can be added by Super Admin and Admin Users. Users has its own menu item. Mobile is only required if you want to use the SMS feature.


8.Super Admin and Admin Users can add, edit and delete notifications.

9. Notifications has a side menu item that includes the ability to list all notifications, notifications that have been triggered that the logged in user can acknowledge “my notifications”, all triggered notifications “triggered notifications”.

10. Before adding an SMS notification it is advisable to have notifications working as expected by email.

11. If you keep getting the same notification over and over then your interval time is too short. This can be increased by editing the notification. If you get stuck and something is not happening as planned then you should make the notification inactive before seeking support.

12. Users can only acknowledge notifications if they are included in the notification.

13. Super Admins can acknowledge any notification.

Readings and Sensors Details Pages

14. Sensor readings are available from a number of places in the site. You can use the sensor or gateway readings sections in the navigation panel, you can click the icon when you are looking at the sensors table or you can find them included on the sensors details page (a link to this is on every sensor icon).

Nearly all pages that show data have the option to export that data to various formats.

Contact US

Omnia Sensors are an approachable company with a focussed commitment to understand and give best advice to our clientele.

Feel free to contact any of the listed personnel on the Team page of this website or complete the contact form and we’ll contact you as soon as we are able.

General enquiries can also be directed to –

0161 633 4536