Imagine what IOT could do for you?

Future Technologies (NW) Ltd is a recently formed tech start up providing innovative solutions to every day FM, through IOT (Internet of Things).  We manufacture and implement a wide range of connected devices which all report back to our cloud based portal.

Our Omnia branded wireless sensors are designed and manufactured in Greater Manchester; and offer a cost effective solution to real time data collection and system monitoring.

We work across all industries but are starting to gain real traction in:

water temperature monitoring to assist control in Legionella 

temperature and door monitoring in commercial refrigeration, mortuaries and vehicle refrigeration

ingress and egress points in buildings for security monitoring 

current for energy use

current, vibration and temperature to monitor and alert on condition change for process plant and machinery 

asset tagging and location monitoring .

We have in house capability to offer our services in bespoke design and development for clients requiring connected devices outside our portfolio. We are aiming to be amongst the market leaders in this new and emerging industry that will bring improved efficiencies and ROI’s to many businesses – and afford an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint in doing so. We are only limited by our imagination.

Please feel free to contact any of the Team.

Carbon Footprint

With COP26 underway in Glasgow and many of the World’s leaders gathering to formulate a battle plan to combat climate change – what can we do as business owners and leaders?

I’m sure most of us are doing what we can, but is there anything we’re missing. Well how about a conversation with us on how IOT can can bring about improvements on how we manage our day to day maintenance and monitoring tasks to reduce our carbon footprint, reducing transportation and inefficiency, all industries can benefit and make a difference.

Call for a chat to explore the possibilities – and start by making contact with or

That’s Awesome

Omnia NW is delighted to have been accepted into the growing network of professionals that service the hospitality and leisure sectors nationwide. We are the nominated: legionella control and wireless internet of things (IOT) provider to facility compliance, maintenance and operational issues.

“Awesome Management”, is a collective of professionals with years of experience in the Hotel and Leisure sectors who totally understand what is required to ensure the exacting standards needed to run hotels are met.

The Consortium, Awesome Management, has been created to provide help and support to new and existing independent hoteliers to gain maximum occupancy and profit without the hassle of employing a team to provide a first-class service level.

Elaine Grahame, Managing Director has had a dream, (since the age of 11), to provide the guest with the best service and create that WOW factor for every stay or visit. Throughout her career in Hotels, for over 30+ years, she has worked with the best experts in the industry and now has formed Awesome Management to share their knowledge and skills on an hourly, daily, weekly or ongoing basis – whatever suits your budget.

Taking our temperature

We are proud at Omnia NW to be associated with adding value to clients’ activities and operations. Please take a look at a ‘snapshot’ video clip of one such installation, utilised to better control monitoring and avoid waste and subsequent disposal of stock, from effective temperature measurements and alerts. This all via our wireless sensor technology. More information:

Proudly Made in Britain

Omnia is exceptionally proud to have joined Britain’s best manufacturers in using the protected collective mark, “MADE in Britain”. 

MADE in Britain is a growing community of manufacturers applying the distinctive mark to products, packaging, websites and social media. By joining its organisation, our business is making it really clear to buyers, specifiers and consumers that we’re manufacturing in Britain, and to the very highest standards. 

The mark is protected and can only be used by members of Made in Britain. Omnia-NW credentials are listed:

Is lockdown a hindrance or opportunity?

At Omnia we’ve taken the view of the latter, it has allowed us to make improvements to our dashboard and portal making it a better user experience for our clients.

It has forced us to look at supply chains outside of the Asia trading block and helped us discover manufacturers much closer to home, in fact our hometown of Oldham, surprisingly for only fractional increases in price point but with the added bonus of improved quality.

Has Covid-19 been lifechanging? Is this the new normal? For Omnia it certainly has and is but in a positive way for our ourselves and our valued customers.

For a further look at our products and services in IOT visit our website at or for a friendly informal chat on how we can help you maximise efficiency within your business feel free to give Dave Moran or Adrian Stores a call via the Contact Us page.

Time well spent

Whilst some are sat their either furloughed or just working from Home, one of our Clients Omnia-NW Ltd and its Managing Director has been making giant strides. hashtag#timewellspent Using the time in ‘lockdown’ wisely, it has effectively meant that its’ programmers and developers have had more time available to progress developments. In effect, improving what were already superb products, for the betterment of its clients and applications. Upgrades have been possible to: portals and integration to connect to more devices and sensors. Now enquires surround: legionella control, environmental conditions and more besides. Might be worth a chat with Dave Moran

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Opening up after Covid 19

Article kindly reproduced from Gary Crosbie, Director, Interefurb, specialist in leisure and hospitality.  One sector that Omnia (NW) serves.

“We are now seeing light at the end of the tunnel, you want your business to be the best version of itself and importantly your guests want to be assured that they are going to be staying in a safe and clean environment. The COVID pandemic has made us very much more conscious of cleanliness and hygiene.

The strongest message you can send to your guests “You are the first to stay in this room

But first let’s look at the basics and the Health and Safety items.

Basic Safety Items

The following should ideally be evaluated by property experts:

  • Structural integrity of the buildings – Visual checks, walk around both inside and out. Is there anything hanging off? Damp patches on ceilings, strange smells, new cracks or debris on the floors.
  • Electrical system damage- including high voltage, insulation, and power integrity- Fluke tests
  • Wastewater system – blocked drains, perhaps carry out a CCTV survey.  do this BEFORE you re-fill the water.
  • Water distribution system damage – Prior to re-fill if drained down.
  • Fire emergency systems operations – Service
  • Air conditioning and ventilation system – Service

Re-Commission the Property-Prepare for opening.

Step 1 Risk assessments, Method statements and COSHH. Reviewed, in place and communicated. Appropriate PPE made available.

Open the windows and doors. Not only to check they work, but to help ventilate the building.

Remove any items which have visible mold growth or damage

AC and ventilation system (motors, duct work, filters, insulation) inspection, disinfection, repair and replacement.

Wastewater – The last thing your guests want to find in their room is a blocked toilet. Sometimes, surprisingly, guests don’t take the same care in a hotel as they do at home. Without regular use drains become dry and debris becomes solid quickly, causing blockages when put back into use. If not emptied prior to shut down, kitchen grease traps and gullies need to be cleaned, fats solidify. Sink and Shower traps are another potential problem area, good practice is to physically clean them out. I know it sounds obvious but make sure the drains are clear before you start on the water system.

Water system (cold and hot water, sewer drainage, steam delivery, chillers, boilers) with special attention to shower heads. There is a British Standard BS8552:2012 and BSRIA BG29/2012 which sets out a full guide to the flushing, commissioning and treating of a system including water sampling.

If the system has been drained down, it is best practice to refill and commission by a qualified plumber and heating engineer, there will be leaks and air locks.


Disinfect furniture with non-porous surfaces and salvage

Discard upholstered furniture, drapery, and mattresses if they have been under water or have mold growth or odour

Deep clean carpets upholstery and curtains

Vacuum the mattress and change any covers or protectors.

In my opinion a bathroom should be designed with no hidden traps or exposed pipework where muck can gather. A pet hate of mine is neglecting to clean the “triangle of doom”…the bit behind the door which is only exposed when you’re in the room with the door shut behind you. If you want to impress your guests, it should feel completely clean and new, perhaps fresh silicone? and don’t forget to clean the ventilation grille.

Back of House Areas

Kitchens that haven’t been used for some time are a great attraction to pest and vermin. Most properties have a regime in place for regular cleaning. Take particular focus that drains and gullies are running freely. Pest Control traps should be checked and changed as appropriate.

Exhaust hood systems – Improve ventilation and reduce risks of kitchen fire by deep cleaning of the exhaust ducts, plenum, and roof exhaust fan.

Kitchen equipment – Check electrical and gas safety checks have been carried out and maintenance is up to date.


Check that any external lighting is working, and signage is all in place.


Tell your insurers the hotel is back in operation, and check the WiFi and phone lines are working, not only for guest convenience but your own, when you take payments electronically.

Finishing touches – attention to detail.

One of the biggest barriers in carrying out a refurbishment is when you have been running at good occupancy there is reluctance to refurbish because of the loss of revenue. Now is the perfect time to carry out any works to make your property sparkle.

Now is an ideal time to make a few changes without the disturbance to your guests, have a think about some little jobs which can add a great deal to the guest experience?

Re- Grout and silicone Bathrooms

Decorate the entrance door put down a new mat

Replace door handles

Look at changing light bulbs so they are all the same colour- another of my pet hates…

And finally, in light of vacant and unoccupied properties, that extra care around legionella control is prudent.  We have found helpful in that they can install sensors to self check on the requisite temperature parameters leaving one less thing for you and your staff to worry about. The HSE statesIt is important that water is not allowed to stagnate within the water system and so there should be careful management of properties left vacant for extended periods”.

Gary Crosbie Has over 20 years’ experience in the refurbishment and construction of hotels and leisure properties. As well as running an established specialist refurbishment specialist. He advises investors and operators on new build and re-branding projects and is involved in the development of a major new build hotel and spa.

Omnia Grand Success

“On behalf of myself & Barrie. Many thanks to Daker ltd and Omnia-NW & Dave Moran

. Who very kindly sponsored a flag for our @BoltonUni Grand Canyon Challenge. The flag was carried all the way along, as can be seen in the images attached. With daytime temperatures reaching 30 degree, and nighttime temps dropping to -9, it certainly tested the body, physically & mentally. The SPF is very proud of the legacy left by Steve Prescott MBE and the inspiration he gives to people to support his chosen charities. The sponsorship you provided, goes to support The Christie in Manchester, the Rugby League Benevolent Fund (Try Assist) and the SPF Special Causes Fund. The SPF special causes fund allows those hospitals, researchers and surgeons who deal in Pseudomyxoma related conditions and multi visceral transplantation to apply for grants to the Trustees of the SPF who ensure that the money will have a direct and significant effect on people’s lives. Again, thank you for your support. Every ££ does indeed help to save & change peoples lives. Adrian & Barrie”

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Grand Designs

Omnia is delighted to have contributed to the up coming Grand Canyon challenge of the Steve Prescott Foundation.

Barrie Mcdermott and Ade Cunliffe have already taken on Kilimanjaro where they set a Guinness world record, for the highest game of rugby league ever. They even had the BBC send a film crew to capture it all. Brutal challenge, with a few ex pros ending up in all sorts of disarray by full time, let Barrie tell you more about that one day 🙂 They also did everest base camp together, on both challenges they carried along a host of company flags and proudly waved them high! This Year Omnia (NW) is one such flag.

If you want to join us in supporting this great cause, please find link here: