Limited by imagination

Electrical contracting is second nature to our Team at Omnia (NW) Limited.  Our constant flow of workload remains, as we serve those numerous clients that we are proud to be associated with.  The Omnia range of services and remote solutions is exciting taking us into new territories and sectors and providing solutions to challenges where people have been told you CAN’T, we have provided the CAN do.

We use this strapline to refer to our outlook – “Limited by imagination”.  This is purposeful as the range of applications that we are being approached by is so wide and varied.  Just in the last week, we have been asked to assist with sensors and technology to assist operations in sports and leisure centre, scientific laboratories, refrigeration vehicles to engineering machinery.  With over 20 different sensors and wireless configurations available so far, and expanding, it only costs time to talk to us, about the possibilities.  Dave Moran and Tony Fisher from the Team page are a prudent initial point of contact.

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Omnia Sensors are an approachable company with a focussed commitment to understand and give best advice to our clientele.

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